About Us

Ospino Consulting has been assessing and strengthening financial strategies and accounting practices for small and mid-size businesses for over 15 years. We offer business accounting services, business planning, financial and tax consultancy, and overall accounting tax services.
Our profit-focused accounting services help create financial benefits and wealth and drive our clients’ success as businesses and individuals.
We have a proven track record helping minority, women-owned, small, and mid-size businesses achieve profitability by leveraging efficient processes and technology. 

We help our clients

  • To maximize profits
  • Minimize taxes
  • Increase cash flow and reserves 

Our Team

Karem Ospino

Founder and Virtual CFO 

Her expertise is to crunch numbers and help her clients achieve wealth.
She is an expert in business finances, budgeting, forecasting, accounting tools, and taxes. She holds a Master’s Degree in Science of Accountancy. She is a Quickbooks Certified Proadvisor and a member of NJCPA and NSA.
Karem has over 15 years of experience assessing and strengthening small businesses’ financial strategies and accounting practices through business planning, financial and tax consultancy, and mentorship. A successful entrepreneur with a proven track record helping minority small business owners and medium enterprises achieve profitability by leveraging efficient processes and technology.
Through her knowledge and expertise, she has contributed to the growth of many businesses in the state of New Jersey.
Fun Fact:
Karem enjoys traveling and discovering new places, especially if there is a beach involved.

Jheiny Rodriguez

Senior Bookkeeper/
Tax Preparer 

Jheiny holds a Bookkeeping Associates degree and she is a Quickbooks Certified Proadvisor.
Before coming to Ospino Consulting, Jheiny worked in different roles within the accounting department of mid-sized companies. Her attention to detail is crucial for our profit-focused accounting, and she keeps the client’s goals in mind.
She loves compliance, so she will always ensure the accuracy of the books and taxes.
Fun Fact:
Jheiny enjoys camping and hiking in the forest and nature and she never leaves her camera behind.

Ronald Ospino

Director of Information Technology

Ronald has a degree in Computer Science. Ronald has been working in the IT field since he was 13, when he began wiring offices and setting up their networks. He has a passion for fixing problems and improving workflows. He truly believes that leveraging the right technology will help businesses improve their bottom line. Remember: work smarter, not harder.
Before joining Ospino Consulting, Ronald worked in the biomedical and logistics industries, improving workflows, processes, and internal controls with technology. At Ospino Consulting, Ronald is now in charge of IRS cybersecurity Compliance and improving our technology stack to work more efficiently for our customers.
Fun Fact:
Ronald loves to travel, beaches, and the country, slow and quiet to recharge the spirit.

Vianela Delgado

Office Assistant

Vianela began her accounting degree in her native country and now she is continuing her education in the U.S.A. With her knowledge, Vianela has been able to help us manage our workflows systems and guide clients on safely submitting their information onto our client portal.
Fun Fact:
She loves to travel and play volleyball.